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Pantheon’s TM5 Is A Great Little Mixer

Leanne Donovan 15 December 2017
Pantheon’s TM5 Is A Great Little Mixer

A reliable, compact, stand mixer is a basic necessity in any busy kitchen either as the sole mixer, if demand is light or, in larger kitchens, as a back-up mixer.

Because so many commercial kitchens are open to the eating area these days, operators have to consider the aesthetics of any equipment within view of customers. Pantheon’s TM5, 5 litre mixer is ideal as it looks good, performs effortlessly and is very competitively priced.

Stand mixers work on the planetary system where the bowl remains static and the selected accessory spins. The TM5 comes with 3 aluminium attachments that cope with a multitude of tasks:

 a whisk for liquid ingredients such as whipping cream or beating eggs
 a beater for applications such as creaming butter and sugar or making batters
 a dough hook for dense, sticky ingredients

It is powered by a 200w motor and has a stepless speed facility giving the operator complete control, enabling precision mixing.

Overload protection is built in to ensure that the motor is never overworked. A switch lock prevents accidental activation and rubber feet stop the mixer slipping on the countertop.