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The Perfect Hot Beverage Companion

Chantell Keston 14 March 2017
The Perfect Hot Beverage Companion

The Great British Biscotti Company is on a mission to bring a little more panache back to the well-deserved ‘hotel based’ coffee break. Over the last few years The UK hotel fraternity has taken significant strides to allow both residents and visiting business luminaries the opportunity to enjoy meaningful ‘me time’ coffee breaks’ that provide that essential respite from either a hard day’s work or a high octane meeting.

We certainly live in an age where frothy coffee remains at the top of it game, although both black and green teas (PLUS herbal infusions) are also growing their fan base.

dunking FridayAnd yet, whilst hot beverage consumption remains in rude health, the ‘support cast’ bikkie continues to underwhelm, by being either the size of a stick of chewing gum or possessing the appetite appeal of low-grade cardboard.

The Great British Biscotti Co is going all out to put the pride back into home-grown artisan bikkies courtesy of a 4 x strong range of substantial yet flavoursome dunkers that come in: Simply Almond, Chunky Choc and Coffee & Walnut. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a Honey, Ginger & Lemon variant baked specifically to accommodate the distinct needs of discerning tea lovers.

According to Great British Biscotti founder, Paul Rostand, ‘When we first set up in 2014 we had 3 old-fashioned opinions to debunk: the misinformed opinion that the best biscotti only come from Italy, the equally old-fashioned view that biscotti should only come in almond and perhaps most short-sighted all was the misinformed myth that tea lovers should stick to dull cookies when it came to finding a suitable hot beverage accompaniment.’

With National Tea Day(21/4) just around the corner we wanted to take this opportunity to reassure all hot beverage enthusiasts that whatever their drink of choice, when it comes to a meaningful ‘support cast’ bikkie, a British born biscotti is always the answer!

Great British Biscotti twin-packs are available 1kg boxes geared specifically at the hotel arena