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Refurb and Refresh

Bonnie Howard 30 January 2019
Refurb and Refresh

Tony Clark, co-owner of Trade Furniture Company, explains why it’s vital in a competitive market to attract customers by keeping on point with refurbishment, refreshes and up-to-date style

First impressions count. You walk into the hotel lobby and get that vibe; that energy; that feeling. Sometimes it cant be judged simply by looking at the website photos beforehand, its so much more than that. Hoteliers in todays stacked market have to stay totally on the ball, reacting to changes in customer demographics and constantly looking at fresh ways of reinventing that illusive fabulous first impression with the right interior design and furniture.  

Nailing a quality appearance and eye-catching style is key, as is finding innovative ways of re-inventing interiors and furnishings to attract new customers and retain old ones. In 2019 the competition is stiff and hotels must provide a unique customer experience to lure guests away from competitors. This takes confidence, chutzpah and the ability to seize the day with new trends and ideas.

With any refurbishment plans, clear objectives should be established from the outset, not only with the all- important costings, but also the look and feel of the design, aesthetics and how it all fits together in a sleek, stylish flattering finish.  A new look doesnt need to be a complete overhaul or the cutting edge of fashion. A lick of paint, a change of colour scheme, finishings, fittings and updated furniture can go such a long way to turning things around and refreshing the hotel environment.

A positive impact can easily be achieved with updated designs of specially-tailored sets of furniture and successful procurement of the right products from trustworthy suppliers can be a hoteliers passport to success. Fine furnishings dress your space and make an impact, engaging customers and encouraging them to book again.

Staying ahead of the crowd with some of the growing trends and ensuring the designs tie everything together to create that Wow Factoris a key factor when considering hotel refurbishments. Beautifully-designed, solid wood furniture can play a massive part in this. Interior designers are applying these trends and developing striking new designs that rhyme and resonate with customers.

One fashion currently at the forefront of furniture design is the use of alternative, sustainable wood, including Sheesham, Indian rosewood and Mango wood pieces.  This trend is delivering new, exotic yet cost-effective designs to hotels throughout the UK. The versatility of this furniture means it can deliver a consistency of approach as it can be used in a number of ways – from tables and chairs for dining, all the way through to bar seating, coffee tables, mirrors and even book shelves, all without sacrificing a brand identity.  

Compared to those ubiquitous traditional oaks and veneers that were previously popular, the price of this stunning, sustainable furniture is hugely attractive.  Whats more, by choosing bespoke designs, developed using innovative CAD technology, furniture can be accurately crafted to exact dimensions, maximising the available space.

For companies such as West-Yorkshire based Trade Furniture Company, who have one of the largest ranges of Mango wood furniture in the UK, this trend presents a unique opportunity. This company is seeing at first hand how refurbishment of hotel furnishings can have a positive effect on that establishments bookings.

Styles of decor throughout the industry may come and go but one thing is certain: The longevity of classic design, the pull of sustainable materials and keeping on top of the look and feel of the space will keep customers feeling relaxed, valued and encourage their return.