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Revinate Announces New Resource to Help Hoteliers Around the World Drive Maximum Results From Email

Diana Szpytma 14 September 2018 2 comments
Revinate Announces New Resource to Help Hoteliers Around the World Drive Maximum Results From Email

Revinate has announced the launch of the Email Marketing Strategy Guide, a new free resource that will help hoteliers market their business and drive more revenue from email. The guide contains more than forty topics, including setting objectives, guest journey lifecycle communications, segmentation and targeting, optimizing subject lines, A/B testing, reporting, and more. It was developed specifically for hotel marketers looking for effective ways to boost loyalty, lessen OTA dependency, and increase direct bookings and revenue.

Kelly Robb, Revinate’s Senior Director of Marketing and Growth, says, “Despite its proven impact in generating a return on investment and increasing engagement, email is still one of the most under-utilised marketing tactics deployed by hoteliers. This free guide is the hotel industry’s most comprehensive email marketing strategy guide, packed with industry-specific best practices, innovative strategies, database maintenance tips, and much more.”

Email marketing spend in the U.S. is projected to increase from $2.07B in 2014 to $3.07B by 2019. But with this growth comes incredible competition for consumers’ attention. The most effective way to break through the noise is by ensuring that emails are segmented and messages are targeted to the user. An analysis of Revinate customer data shows that segmentation drives a 20% higher open rate, a 70% higher click-through rate, and 73% higher revenue per recipient than non-segmented campaigns.

To create the Email Marketing Strategy Guide, Revinate analysed more than 77 million emails sent from Revinate Marketing customers in EMEA, North America and the Asia Pacific region. The results, which drive the best practices in the guide, confirm that email continues to provide a healthy, ROI-positive channel for the hospitality industry.

Download the free guide here.