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Rise Of The Robot Worker

JodyP 19 July 2019
Rise Of The Robot Worker

Using Artificial Intelligence to Analyse your Customer Reviews

The following data is an example of how aspect & sentiment analysis can be used to provide business & competitor intelligence for the hotel, travel & leisure industries based on analysing customer reviews provided by the top online review websites.

This allows you to compare the positive & negative comments of each aspect against those of competitors, providing valuable historical & cultural insights which can be tracked over any timeframe.

Competitor Comparison *circa. n1,500 reviews analysed for each hotel

Performance monitoring
Monitoring positive & negative comments over time allows for the tweaking & better delivery of business strategies to meet your KPI’s.

Splitting the data by aspects also shows the strengths & weaknesses for different visit purposes
e.g. trip type:

Additional Metrics
Other useful metrics that are provided are those that highlight the volume and importance of those aspects reviewed together with the language being used. Mention counts & wordclouds allow you to easily see the conversations at a glance together with which aspects are being discussed the most e.g. Room Amenities:

Review counts: 

Wordclouds to see the language used:

Alert System
In addition to providing longitudinal benchmarking of performance & services, we can also email you to highlight any negative (or positive) reviews or mentions made on social media so you can instantly respond & react in real-time, providing a valuable early warning & alert system to further improve your performance.

We can deliver the data in three ways 1) An online dashboard in real-time 2) Via an API directly into your own system or 3) Via a scheduled report.

For further information please email, or alternatively, please call us for a chat on +44 (0)207 112 8111