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RTW Checker Launches Pay As You Go Document Checks For Right To Work

JodyP 7 November 2019
RTW Checker Launches Pay As You Go Document Checks For Right To Work

A new “pay as you go” service to ensure all your employees or applicants have the legal right to work in the UK has been launched by Right to Work specialists RTW Checker.

It enables a business to make one-off checks to be made with no ongoing contract commitment to purchase more scans. The checks will identify IDs for quality plus authenticity and are an important part of meeting the Home Office requirement of ensuring your staff are permitted to work in the UK. The RTW Checker scan and approval system enables a business to meet The Home Office Statutory Excuse; protecting the business and the directors from civil and criminal charges – which in the last quarter amounted to £7,775,000

Speaking about the launch, managing director, Karen Davies commented: “We recognise that small businesses have no need for contracts that have a minimum number of scans – yet they still need to protect themselves and their business from fraudulent attempts of employment by those not entitled to be here. With many more brands and companies using RTW Checker, those seeking illegal employment are looking for independent or smaller operators who may not have thought it was possible for thorough checks to be made. And now it is – via the RTW Checker Pay As You Scan portal.

“We have managed to bring our superb Right to Work checking service into a single use package with the same best in class service. We even check paper IDs such as Italian ID cards with our dedicated RTW Helpdesk.”

The checks cost £10 per check and all employers need do is upload a copy of the ID(s) through the online secure portal at

RTW Checker will then report back with an image of the passport / ID enabling you to verify that the image on the RTW report is the person in front of you and you can then sign off to meet The Home Office Statutory Excuse.

In addition to right to work checks and ID checks, the team at RTW Checker have created a complete back-up service that will assist you in dealing with any irregularities in your recruitment procedures. These services include liaising with Home Office on your behalf, managing any legal issues with their team of specialist immigration lawyers to advising on crisis PR internally and externally.

For more details on RTW Checker you can go online at or call 020 7866 2563.