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Rubbermaid Commercial Products To Transform Commercial Recycling With Launch Of Its New Research Project

JodyP 10 March 2020
Rubbermaid Commercial Products To Transform Commercial Recycling With Launch Of Its New Research Project

Rubbermaid Commercial Products is proud to launch its new Love Recycling research project – an initiative designed to drive the success of commercial recycling across Europe.

Love Recycling (launching with a continent-wide survey of commercial organisations) will allow businesses to better understand their approach to recycling, while providing guidance on how they can improve their sustainability credentials.

It will deliver a comprehensive look at the state of commercial recycling in 2020, along with concrete steps companies can take to introduce successful processes that help them meet their Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility (CSER) targets.

At a sector level, the project will enable stakeholders to identify what recycling success means for
their facilities, their businesses and the wider industry.

Recycling has become more vital than ever

One simple fact lies behind the idea of the Love Recycling research project: We, as a global population, need to reduce our consumption of resources. The future depends on rethinking the way we consume resources – and recycling plays a key role in that.

However, businesses face a major challenge when it comes to recycling. Despite their desire to operate sustainably, the need for effective operations often undermines the ability to take positive action for the planet.

Added to the problem is the lack of education that exists around commercial recycling. Few professionals have the knowledge they need to improve their recycling output – let alone sell the concept to management or change their colleagues’ individual behaviour for the better. It is a situation the Love Recycling research project aims to change.

Gaining the insight that drives impactful initiatives

Love Recycling will invite professionals involved in recycling and waste management or wider sustainability initiatives to take part in the survey – including facility managers, procurement officers and executives.

The knowledge they contribute about their companies’ existing recycling practices, budgets, cultures and plans will create an overall picture of commercial recycling as it stands – along with information on how successful initiatives can be implemented on a worldwide scale.

Focused on the Foodservice & Hospitality, Travel & Entertainment, Property Management, Institutional and Manufacturing sectors, the research will offer professionals in these areas unique insights into their workplaces. Alongside a general overview of industry practices, it will give them a breakdown of where companies in their sector are succeeding and where they can improve. It will also provide a useful benchmark for companies to measure themselves against competitors.

Sharing the results that create recycling success

Once compiled the resulting report will be published on 18 March 2020 – otherwise known as Global Recycling Day. Survey respondents will gain early access to the results, as well as a more personalised breakdown of how their own efforts match up to their sector and the wider industry.

“We’re excited to launch the Love Recycling research project across Europe,” said Paul Jakeway, Head of Marketing EMEA at Rubbermaid Commercial Products. “Companies want to operate more sustainably, and they want to know their recycling initiatives make a difference. Our survey will show them exactly where they are on their journey and how to take the next steps on the path to becoming truly sustainable. Love Recycling will generate some important industry benchmarks for recycling success, something we’re proud to be instrumental in bringing together. We look forward to seeing the results of the survey on Global Recycling Day.”

As part of the Love Recycling research project, Rubbermaid Commercial Products will donate €1 to WasteAid for every completed survey it receives. WasteAid is a global charity working to create equal access to waste services for everyone in the world – a mission that complements the project’s aim to improve waste management everywhere.

The Love Recycling survey is now open. Be part of this historic project and gain early access to the results – take the survey to find out how your business stacks up against the industry average.