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SALTO ProAccess SPACE Hospitality Software Upgraded

Leanne Donovan 12 January 2018
SALTO ProAccess SPACE Hospitality Software Upgraded

The latest version of ProAccess SPACE is the biggest software release ever for SALTO Hospitality. The release is a major update to the world’s most advanced hotel electronic locking operating system, bringing new experiences and hundreds of features.

The latest SALTO ProAccess SPACE access control management software release is the most powerful version yet. 100-percent web-based and mobile capable, with powerful multi-tasking features, ProAccess SPACE is simple-to- use access control software for managing guest room locks, staff, visitors and doors.

It includes functionalities such as mobile keys (BLE), group check-in, real-time re-rooming and real-time extended stay. These capabilities, plus other key hotel features, make it easy to control all offline and online guest rooms and back-of- house doors from one central location.

SALTO ProAccess SPACE permits quick and fast guest check-ins, staff management, and includes advanced features like multiple wandering intruder detections, full HTML5 support, webcam support, improved audit trail filtering/reports and user experience concerning locations/functions in the front-end.

It is suitable for use in any type of hotel, from those that need to control just a small number of rooms, up to the very largest resort-based properties that need to control thousands. Plus, running the same system on different front desk workstations is not a problem.

SALTO ProAccess is a powerful and secure hotel property access control management system designed to meet
the front- and back-office needs of hotels and is compatible with most property management software.

With ProAccess SPACE, it’s easy to incorporate mobile access control for some or all guests. Via the SALTO JustIN Mobile Application, guests can use their smartphone as their room key. This can be used along with or as a replacement of RFID credentials.

With SALTO ProAccess SPACE, users can control the entire hotel property – guest rooms, back-of- house and guest service doors – in one single system that provides comprehensive security and reliable access control, 24/7.

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