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A Seamless Cleaning Service

Leanne Donovan 22 November 2017
A Seamless Cleaning Service

Guests expect the highest standards of cleanliness and service, but how do you keep floors pristine without getting under their feet? Gordon McVean, Sales and Marketing Director at Truvox International, explains how technical advances, specialist equipment and highly versatile machines make round-the- clock cleaning easier.

From foyer to bedroom, poolside to lounge, presenting a consistently pristine appearance to guests is a daunting challenge.

Often hotel cleaning teams have to take a variety of floors in their stride, while also performing under the discerning eye of the customer. These duties must dovetail with the daily delivery of hotel services without compromising customer service or the efficiency of the cleaning regime.

Fortunately, advances in the technology and design of cleaning equipment are making it easier to meet this demand for a seamless and cost-effective cleaning service.

The most far-reaching development is undoubtedly the revolution in battery technology. Thanks mainly to technical progress in lithium ion batteries, a wide range of cleaning machines – from scrubber dryers to vacuums – are available in cordless versions.

Removing the risk of tripping building users with trailing cables has facilitated the shift in many sectors to daytime cleaning. Given the nature of the hotel business, the benefits from going cordless apply 24/7. Not only can cleaning staff work safely around guests and obstacles at any hour of day or night, they can complete their tasks more quietly and efficiently.

For example, we have even cut the cord for that trusty tool, the upright vacuum, so staff can clean seamlessly in hotel bedrooms and corridors, under furniture and across carpets and hard floors. With no need to plug and unplug their machine, the work is no longer stop-start and thus, more efficient as well as more convenient for the user.

More generally, the greater challenge is often to clean a variety of floor types to a  consistently professional standard. Tiles at the poolside and in kitchens, marble in foyers, wood in gyms, dance floors and dining rooms, safety flooring on stages and in other areas are just some of the permutations.

An advanced scrubber dryer has the capability to wash, mop, scrub and dry hard floors in one pass, leaving them both scrupulously clean and safe to walk on in minutes. The same machine should be able to tackle concrete, terrazzo, slate, stone and composite vinyl surfaces.

Some can even clean entrance matting, low-pile carpets and escalators, as well as those more run-of- the-mill ‘difficult floors’ like rubber-studded flooring and laminates.

Not surprisingly, this versatility has made scrubber dryers the workhorse of cleaning teams across this and other sectors. Hotel managers also appreciate their productivity – which need not be compromised when opting for a cordless model – and the professional image they present to guests.

This is in stark contrast to hand mopping, which poses a significant slip risk, is labour-intensive and fails to clean hygienically. A scrubber dryer – using far less liquid – applies only clean solution to the surface and recovers the contaminated liquid to a separate tank.

Cylindrical brushes in particular are designed to scrub down into grout lines between tiles and other crevices. Whether by swimming pools, in wet rooms or indeed kitchens, these spaces provide fertile breeding grounds for bacteria that cannot be cleaned reliably by mops and other methods. So apart from the visual impact of dirt and stains, there is a risk of contamination to hotel users.

Cleaning, therefore, not only has to be seen to be effective. It must promote the safety and wellbeing of guests, and fit in seamlessly with the professionalism and service culture of the establishment. Equipped with advanced cleaning technology, hotel cleaning teams are far more likely to deliver up to that demanding standard.