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Up-Selling At The Top End Of Town

Leanne Donovan 13 December 2017
Up-Selling At The Top End Of Town

British luxury hotels have embraced a new way of up-selling their rooms with UpsellGuru.

UpsellGuru empower guests to decide what an upgrade is worth to them by placing a bid on higher room categories, prior to their arrival. It is the hotel’s choice whether to accept or deny the offer.  Additionally, cross-selling to extra services, such as breakfast or transportation are also offered from a guest service menu. A standard approach for the airline industry since many years.

UpsellGuru is already partnering with a number of luxury hotels in the U.K., most recently the well renowned Belfry Hotel & Resort, five star Ellenborough Park and Cameron House, Dalmahoy Hotel, The Harbour Hotels Group and many others luxury hotels amongst their 80+ customers in Britain.

While up-selling is a major source of revenue important to all hotels, the “would you like fries with that” approach by customer service professionals, is hardly in line with a luxury brand. The biggest common mistake made by hoteliers is to overlook the guest’s experience in the up-selling process.  Hotel guests like to be in control of their entire journey – from the time of researching hotels, comparing prices, to the actual booking process. Millennial travellers in particular, who are now the bread and butter of the hospitality industry, prefer securing an up-sell before entering the hotel.  What better way to offer an upgrade than by “gamifying” the experience with a bidding process?  They grew up in the eBay era after all.

Customer visiting a luxury hotel often do so as a special treat or for an important occasion. The experience is even further enhanced when they realise that a higher level room, with all the comforts included is within their reach. While customers get to luxuriate in their enhanced experience, the hotel is also optimising their revenue. A win-win situation for both parties.

Another added benefit is that time and effort that hotels spend on up-selling by hotel staff, can now be spent on best serving their customer needs on arrival and during their stay.

Hotels with the highest up-selling performance are experiencing additional monthly revenue in excess of GBP 10,000 from up- and cross-selling alone, proving that proactively up-selling is one of the easiest ways to increase a hotel’s ADR and RevPAR.