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Signature Copper Announces Launch

Leanne Donovan 1 November 2017
Signature Copper Announces Launch

Signature Copper is delighted to announce the launch of its stunning pure copper homeware.

Each item is made from 100% copper and the range consists of sous-plats, trays, table centrepieces, fruit bowls and planters, letter holders, tumblers, coasters and candle holders and even a dog bowl.

All the pieces are immersed in a transparent modern coating which is harder than graphite and ensures no physical contact with the copper. This overlay means that they do not tarnish or chip and can be put in the dishwasher as often as is necessary, although a wipe with a cloth is usually enough. The electrolytic content of pure copper keeps drinking water fresh and pure.

Each product is stamped as genuine with a unique ‘Harold the Hare’ marking.

The range is made entirely in Yorkshire by expert craftsmen each with over 20 years’ experience using long established metal spinning techniques. They work for Elland Metals, one of the historical manufacturers in the area, founded in 1946.

The current owner of the company and designer of the range, Michael Cruddas, says: ‘There are many copper coated products on the market, but they have only a film of copper on a base metal and deteriorate rapidly. Signature Copper’s products will last many lifetimes and the pure, deeply polished items glow with a rich lustre, particularly in candlelight.’