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Style Matters – Designing the Luxury Hotel Experience

Bonnie Howard 3 April 2017
Style Matters – Designing the Luxury Hotel Experience

The perfect triangle is not just the preserve of the kitchen designers who create spaces using the ‘kitchen work triangle’. It also applies to luxury hotel room design, though it’s focused on the perfect hotel experience!

At each point of the perfect hotel room triangle are the bed, the shower, and the entertainment system; get these right and along with customer service you have all the key elements of a fantastic hotel experience.

The luxury end of the hotel industry is highly competitive. Expectations from guests have never been higher, and differentiating your hotel from others in the market is tough. While the luxury hotel experience starts from the minute a potential guest books a room, it’s the quality of that hotel room that can give you the competitive edge.

The Perfect Triangle – Luxury Hotel Room Design

Let’s look at each point of the triangle:

The Bed

Naturally the bed is one of the most important elements of any hotel bedroom – the clue is in the name! Guests want a great nights sleep, in style. Hotels should aim to provide beds that are superior to what most people have at home. A tall order for those in the luxury end of the market, especially as many people are buying hotel beds so they have that luxury experience at home!

Hotel bed designers and manufacturers have invested heavily in research and development to create the perfect bed. They want your guests to wake up feeling better than when they arrived, enhancing wellbeing and delivering a memorable (but sound) nights sleep.

Mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, duvets, and top quality bedding all combine to give guests the best, but appearances are also important. The bed and bedding needs to look ‘right’ to truly deliver the luxury experience. Simple smart white linen with a high thread count is perceived to be more luxurious than colourful bedding, and be generous with the pillows whilst keeping it simple and stylish.

The Shower

A great shower is another feature hotels should be doing better than we can at home. It’s one of the main things guests look forward to about their stay after travelling to a destination hotel, or spending the day sightseeing or at a business conference.

A mediocre shower experience can really ruin a guest’s stay – just look at the number of TripAdvisor reviews complaining about poor hotel showers!

What makes a great hotel shower? Key factors in its design such as size and style are important, as are practical considerations such as water pressure, temperature, drainage, steam abatement, controls and adjustable or double showerheads.

From a style and design perspective, guests want the wow factor. Features such as Duropex panels are a great way to deliver this, creating a high quality and luxurious finish to any shower or wet room.

The Entertainment System

Not all guests will want to watch their hotel room TV, but they will always want the option. Once again, for the luxury end of the market, the TV needs to be as good if not better than they have at home: delivering a really great experience.

However, TVs also need to be integrated into the overall design of the hotel bedroom or suite, so they don’t detract from the guest’s enjoyment of the room in other ways. This can be a challenge when balancing the size of the TV and audio and visual quality, with the layout of the hotel room and other furnishings.

TV units like those from Cap Fab are a great solution, and can be successfully incorporated into many different styles of hotel room.

The perfect triangle is achievable with some innovative design ideas and great styling. For more inspiration have a look at these showcase projects to see it in action.