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Take Your Venue’s Service to the Next Level – Totally Tommy

Bonnie Howard 6 June 2018
Take Your Venue’s Service to the Next Level – Totally Tommy

• Personalise your customer experience with tailored, targeted promotions based upon customer preferences
• Provide a free-to-use platform for customers to interact discretely, for playing games or making acquaintances
• Drive repeat business by delivering exactly what you know your customers want – because they’ve told you what that is

If you’re the owner of a café, restaurant, night club, casino or bar, pulling in the new customers is your number one priority. But once you’ve got them there, how do you keep them? And how do you make sure that they keep coming back for more?  If you could create a fully integrated social media app specifically for your customers to use, what would it include?

A concierge service?  Totally Tommy saves your team the time taken to answer the phone by providing your customers with a one-click booking service. But why stop there? Why not provide your customers with a sneak peek of a personalised menu, with their indicated preferences tantalisingly displayed at the top? And once on-site, why not let them provide real-time feedback, without the embarrassment of a face-to-face complaint or praise?

A ready-made social scene? When did you last drink alone? Or lose the nerve to use a chat-up line? Or leave a venue early simply because you weren’t having fun? Totally Tommy provides a dedicated in-house social media platform, so patrons can get to know each other – if they wish. Names are anonymised, and personal details are never made public, but whether your customers are looking for a chat, romance, or someone to play games with, Totally Tommy gives you the tools you need to facilitate that interaction.

Fun? Going out can be formulaic: you eat, you drink, you maybe dance, you go home. How can you make your venue stand out as memorable and different for all of the right reasons? Totally Tommy Games and Prizes builds upon the in-house social scene with a gaming platform that comes with real prizes. Using Tommy Credits, so there’s no concern for venues without a gaming licence, customers can compete against each other in a selection of games. The winners gain credits, which they can later exchange for goods via the Totally Tommy app. For casinos, customers can play for real money, adding an extra dimension to the thrill by competing against each other as well as the house – great for strangers, even better for mates.

Totally Tommy is free from external advertising. Users only see the information that they’re most interested in, which means that every pair of eyes that looks at your page is likely to belong to a future paying customer. Your message will never be diluted by inappropriate ads, and will be enhanced by reaching the right people at the right time – never when it’s not wanted.

Totally Tommy creator, Tommy Dreifus, comments: ‘Every venue is looking for a USP, but the best way to keep customers coming back is to ensure that, firstly, they can get in without any trouble, and secondly that they’re having a good time when on site. Totally Tommy helps with both.

‘Personal experiences, sitting at a bar with friends, not talking because it’s too loud, just drinking because there’s nothing else to do, made me look for something better. In those circumstances, no venue stands out; they all blend together. Totally Tommy is my way of bringing venues back to life, helping customers to interact and have fun, while allowing managers to find out exactly what it is that their clientele is looking for.’