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The Benefits of Renting or Leasing a Commercial Coffee Machine

Diana Szpytma 21 August 2018
The Benefits of Renting or Leasing a Commercial Coffee Machine

The coffee revolution is well and truly here! Many hoteliers now rely on the latest technology to provide their guests and staff with great tasting beverages, and you can too!

We discuss several reasons to rent or lease commercial coffee machines for your hotel business, including flexibility, cost savings and high-quality beverages.


Purchasing a machine outright is final and, once used, there is little you can do to get your payment back. With rental or leasing agreements, you can trial the machine and decide whether it works well for your hotel and your guests, or whether you wish to invest in a different model in the future.

Having the option to rent or lease a coffee machine therefore gives you the flexibility to decide whether to extend your agreement, purchase the machine, upgrade to a different make or model, or simply return it.


Because the latest coffee machines produce such high-quality beverages, they do not come cheap. Purchasing a machine can cost a pretty penny, which is why many hoteliers prefer to temporarily rent or lease the machines and spread the cost of fixed payments over a defined period.

Moreover, many commercial coffee machine suppliers, including Logic Vending, offer installation, training and maintenance as part of their rental or leasing packages, providing a full-service, stress-free solution.

Coffee shop quality

Gone are the days of bland, instant machine coffee – now, the best modern coffee machines are fully or semi-automatic and capable of producing a range of bespoke beverages of excellent quality, which can certainly rival the local coffee shop! Hotel guests and staff alike will be impressed with the excellent range of hot beverages available to them at just the click of a button.

To rent, lease or buy the latest commercial coffee machines, please contact Logic Vending.