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The Big Interview With Erdal Nebioglu, Front Of House At Amba Hotel

JodyP 18 December 2019
The Big Interview With Erdal Nebioglu, Front Of House At Amba Hotel

How long have you worked at Amba Hotel Marble Arch?

I began my career at Amba Hotel Marble Arch 20 years ago. It was a great step into the hospitality industry and after two decades I have not yet looked back.

What role did you start in at the hotel? 

My first ever role at Amba Hotel Marble Arch was as a Linen keeper. This role was extremely educational and I was able to get to grips with all the various aspects of the job. It was helpful to be able to learn as much as possible at such an early stage in my career.

How has your role developed/changed since you started? 

After beginning my career as a linen keeper, I was able to work through all the various positions at the hotel. I developed the necessary skills and requirements to succeed in the industry and after 20 years I am thrilled to have secured a position as Front of House Manager.

Amba Hotel Marble Arch has offered me ample opportunities to develop my career and I now pride myself on the in-depth knowledge of the various roles which I have worked in my time here. In this position of seniority it is important to lead by example and to deliver excellent service to each and every guest. I take this attitude to work with me every day.

What do you feel is the most important factor in delivering excellent customer service? 

I always aim to meet and exceed the expectations of our guests. As the Front of House Manager, I like to take on the role of a host and treat everyone like a guest in my own home. When I am able to produce and achieve a positive outcome, I cannot help but smile. Attention to detail is something which I strive to instil across all our areas of customer service and I strongly believe that Amba Hotel Marble Arch can hold its head up high as a beacon of quality customer care.

What sets Amba Hotel Marble Arch and glh Hotels out from other employers?

Amba Hotel Marble Arch is unique and situated in the heart of central London. Location wise, it is hard to beat and I think that this allows it to stand out from the crowd. The hotel offers outstanding modern facilities and features, as well as the comfortable and modern rooms.

The amazing team who work at Amba Hotel Marble Arch and the wider group, glh Hotels create a positive, friendly and committed workforce. This attitude spreads across all our departments and allows us to deliver exceptional service to all our guests.

What is the key to developing close relationships with customers and how have you developed them?

The key to developing close relationships with customers is to be honest and to ensure that all promises are kept. At Amba Hotel Marble Arch, we have many regular customers and I always take pride in my ability to learn guest preferences and special requests. Such attention to detail is the mark of lasting relationships and the key to developing friendship.

What advice would you give to someone starting their hospitality career?

My advice would be to gain experience in every department in order to learn those basic skills. Therefore, when faced with guest complaints, you are equipped to deal with them and swiftly resolve any issues. It is always important to see situations from a guest perspective, and remember, a smile goes a long way!

What has been the most memorable moment during your time with Amba Hotel Marble Arch?

There have been so many wonderful moments in my career at Amba Hotel Marble Arch. If I had to pick one, it would be arranging a room for a guest to propose to his girlfriend. Being part of such a special moment in their lives was magical and it is those little gestures which allow me to take pride in my place and position within the hotel.