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The Digital Guest Directory: Your Easy Way To Integrate Technology Into Your Guests’ Experience

Diana Szpytma 6 July 2018
The Digital Guest Directory: Your Easy Way To Integrate Technology Into Your Guests’ Experience

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere and your guests are online all the time. Guests’ need for digital services is growing – whether young or old, business travelers or holidaymakers. Nevertheless, hotels often do not provide digital services for guest after their arrival. But especially when they are on site, there is a lot of potentials for the hotel to increase in-house sales, improve customer satisfaction and relieve staff. Guestfriend, an innovative German software company, offers digital communication solutions that benefit both your guests and your hotel.

One of them is the Digital Guest Directory, which meets your guests’ needs for mobile information during stay. It is the modern version of the traditional room folder and makes all important information available at a glance. It answers frequently asked questions, provides information about your services, events, and activities. For the hotelier himself, the Digital Guest Directory is more than just an information system: it promotes and sells offers, such as massages or room service, using push messages as well as inquiry and booking forms. Guests use the Digital Guest Directory on their own smartphone and tablet or on devices provided for them.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Guestfriend:

  • More time: The Digital Guest Directory eases the workload of your reception team because guests have fewer questions

  • More revenue: The Digital Guest Directory promotes your in-house offers and increases the number of inquiries and bookings

  • Easy accessible: guests have various possibilities to use the digital guest directory: as a native app for iOS and Android or as a progressive web app for all devices and platforms

  • More service: enhance the guest experience, with on-demand information 24/7

For more information contact Guestfriend at +49 831 930 657 0 or visit