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The Hive Is Alive – Pentahotels Give Away 2000 Insect Hotels Worldwide To Help Save The Declining Bee Population.

JodyP 9 December 2019
The Hive Is Alive – Pentahotels Give Away 2000 Insect Hotels Worldwide To Help Save The Declining Bee Population.

This year, Pentahotels opened their doors to a new species of guest: bees. Sharing their expertise in how to be a top hotelier with the public, Penta is distributing over 2000 insect hotels across the world. By providing much needed accommodation to the declining bee population, the company is honouring their longstanding commitment to protecting the environment. With this exciting new project, keeping guests happy becomes a case of preserving an entire ecosystem.

Recognising that being a part of an ecosystem means working together to protect the whole hive, Penta has decided to expand their neighbourhood spirit beyond the hotels, allowing guests to become their own hoteliers in their gardens, on balconies and in office spaces. Due to pesticides, habitat loss and pollution the bee population is in rapid decline. As critical pollinators, they are key players in our ecosystem and without them we would struggle to sustain our entire global human population. This is why Penta has decided to take action. As if saving the world isn’t enough, these insect hotels also attract beneficial insects that help control pests and pollinate plants, making your garden burst with life and bloom with flowers. Follow #PentaHiveIsAlive to keep up to date with the project.

Meet in the hive – just like in nature, where every insect has an important role to play, we too have a special ecosystem at Penta. Keeping the hive happy is of utmost importance to us, because we all rely on each other. Accompanying the hive project, meeting and event customers have the choice of six different free of charge add-ons when holding an event at Penta until the End of 2019. All offers are connected to bees, honey and the environment.

Penta’s efforts to ‘keep the hive alive’ is just one of a series of initiatives they have designed to ensure that they give back to the community. Since April 2018, the company has been plastic straw free, and Penta is constantly exploring new ways to become an entirely plastic free hotel. By 2030, all Pentahotels across the globe will be carbon neutral. Ongoing projects include the #PentaGives campaign, in which all Pentahotels are supporting local charities by donating working hours and manpower.

Penta® represents a new generation of neighbourhood lifestyle hotels offering modern-minded individuals and business travellers comfort and style in a relaxed atmosphere. Known for its uniqueinterior design and attitude, the lifestyle brand stands for true innovation in the industry’s upper- midscale segment. With 28 operating hotels across eight countries over two continents, the hallmarkof the hotel chain is the Pentalounge – a combination of lounge, bar, café and reception – that stands out with its “living room” look and feel. For further information and bookings, please visit Follow us on and for our latest news.