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The Importance Of Anti-Slip Tiles

JodyP 21 August 2019
The Importance Of Anti-Slip Tiles

Anyone working in the commercial industry, whether a hotel, restaurant, office or shop, understands the risks associated with high-traffic areas.

The hospitality industry demands some of the most aesthetically pleasing environments in the commercial sector. With so much depending on a good first impression, it is of utmost importance that the interior design scheme makes an impressive statement from the first moment. As well as being attractive, commercial flooring also needs to be able to withstand a high volume of traffic and be easy to maintain on a daily basis.

Anti-slip tiles are the practical solution to reducing the risk of injury in a heavy footfall area. Made effective by their slightly textured surface, anti-slip tiles are a perfect complement to other materials, such as stone, wood and concrete. The preferred resistance rating in the UK is the Pendulum Test (PTV), this allows a tile to be tested in situ and be classified into one of three categories, Low slip potential, Moderate slip potential or High slip potential. Tiles classified as Low slip potential are those that achieve a value of 36 or higher on the Pendulum Test and are therefore the preferred choice of the specifier.

As well as their practicality, anti-slip tiles now offer stylish solutions of their own. Long gone are the days when anti slip offered only a limited range of design options, only coming in a range of greys and blacks. Anti-slip surfaces are now available in an enormous range of on-trend designs, colourways and formats, providing interiors designers and specifiers with the option of versatility when it comes to high traffic area tile choices. This is of particular importance in a hotel, where first impressions and appearance are everything.

Offering the perfect balance between design and exceptional performance, anti-slip tiles can now feature a range of matt and natural finishes, as well as a huge variety of colours, patterns, textures and sizes. Styles come in a range from rustic to modern, while some are warm and welcoming and others are cool and contemporary. Meanwhile, some anti-slip tiles will offer even higher compressive and bending strength, and excellent resistance, which means the colours will not lose their intensity.

Of course, there are a number of things to consider when choosing tiles for a floor space – the colour, shape and design are all important from an aesthetic point of view. But, in a hotel environment, it is vital to consider the tile’s slip resistance to achieve an appropriate level of health and safety.

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