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The Importance Of Bathroom Maintenance In Hospitality Settings

JodyP 19 September 2019
The Importance Of Bathroom Maintenance In Hospitality Settings

When it comes to frightening off customers, nothing can deter repeat business like an unclean bathroom. Three-quarters of guests admit to judging the cleanliness of a room by the state of its washroom, and a staggering 94 percent will avoid returning to a business if they encounter a dirty one.

Your hotel’s restrooms set the tone for the rest of your business. And seeing as 70 percent of hotel guests rate hygiene among the most important factors when considering where to stay, failing to meet their expectations can do some serious damage to your reputation. To help you avoid any harmful reviews or dissatisfied customers, here are five of the biggest factors that go into gauging if a hotel’s bathroom facilities are up to scratch, and how you can ensure yours are properly maintained.

1. Smell
The first thing a customer will judge when inspecting a bathroom is how it smells. This is because our sense of smell is finely attuned to anything that can make us ill, and bad smells often originate from sources of harmful bacteria and mould.

Hotel bathrooms can become damp, creating the perfect environment for foul-smelling microbes and resulting in a fusty smell that’s unappealing to guests. To make sure your bathroom always smells its best, you need to make sure all sources of moisture are tackled straightaway. This means installing a ventilator, removing carpets or regularly replacing towels, and frequently treating plugholes and drains with anti-odourising agents.

2. Hygiene
The next factor that goes into making sure your bathroom is spick and span is the actual cleanliness of the bathroom. 97 percent of Brits who regularly stay in hotels said they were disturbed by evidence of previous guests in their room, with 66 percent of those polled saying they couldn’t bear the sight of a stranger’s hair in the plughole. Maintaining a daily regimen and working together with your housekeeping staff to ensure a consistent level of training across your team is essential if you want your bathrooms to meet the high standards needed to satisfy your guests. Keeping on top of hygiene services like sanitary bins, nappy bins and water management systems may also require you to invest in a dedicated washroom service.

3. Functionality
When designing a space, you always need to look at it from the perspective of the user. Who will be your main guests? Does it have the right look and feel? And will your guests be comfortable?

Your bathrooms need to provide all of the necessary amenities, and they need to be easily accessible and in working order. Bathrooms also need to optimise on space to ensure freedom of movement, ergonomic fixtures for ease of use, adequate lighting and, most importantly, be designed with cleanliness in mind.

The design and layout of your bathrooms can help housekeepers to keep them clean and tidy. For example, at the point of design, it’s worth eliminating anything unnecessary on which dust and dirt can settle. Avoiding bright whites and using rectified ceramic tiles can help too.

4. Toiletries
Though they’re a relatively small component of your guests’ overall experience, the toiletries you use in your bathrooms will say a lot about you and your business.

Similar to how guests review what’s on offer in their tea trays or their in-room entertainment, your toiletries will help guests to from an opinion of the facilities and a general assessment of your hotel. So they’re worth contemplating.

One of the key priorities when considering an amenities range is if it reflects the ethos of your hotel. If your brand prides itself on being eco-friendly and you make a point of publicising it, it wouldn’t make sense to furnish your bathrooms with plastic heavy non-recyclable toiletries. Likewise, if your hotel is a luxury brand, you wouldn’t use inexpensive, cheap-looking amenities.

The bathrooms in your hotels, their maintenance and the things you wish to convey with how they’re designed and presented all have a huge impact on your hotel. Failing to keep them clean, smelling fresh or looking tidy can have dire consequence for you brand, the quality of your reviews and return visits. Making sure your bathrooms tie together all of the key aspects of your brand will ensure your guests leave with the right impression and are more likely to return.