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The Upgrade Crusade – How New Global Service Is Turning Empty Hotel Rooms Into Easy Profit

JodyP 15 October 2019
The Upgrade Crusade – How New Global Service Is Turning Empty Hotel Rooms Into Easy Profit

All hoteliers know there is always room for improvement when it comes to maximising profit through upgrades to premium rooms and suites. Today, a new service can prove that consumer desire is strong, and the hotel market worldwide is missing out on a US$1bn+ revenue stream.

Upgradus is a global online service that allows hotel guests to show an interest in purchasing an upgrade to an existing room booking at a discounted rate. In just three months, the service has seen phenomenal demand from consumers, with over 12,500 upgrade requests made in 50 countries, and bookings on every continent in the world.

“The success of Upgradus is down to its simple concept, the fact that’s it’s free to join for consumers and hotels alike, and neither party has anything to lose and everything to gain”, explains Guy Ratcliffe, British entrepreneur and founder of the Upgradus platform.

The way it works is simple:

1. The customer inputs their booking dates and hotel information
2. Upgradus emails the hotel to let them know a customer is interested in an upgrade
3. If the hotel has availability and would like to offer a discounted upgrade then they can, at the rate they want. If they don’t have availability, or don’t want to offer a discount, then they don’t have to
4. If the hotel does put forward an offer, the customer will consider this before arrival, in private, and without the awkwardness of a public discussion at check-in. If they choose to accept the offer, Upgradus will advise the hotel and then the customer can simply pay at the hotel as normal

Guy continues:
“Research indicates that premium room and suite occupancy in hotels is in some cases at 25% or less. With the immediate interest we have seen from consumers around the world, all keen to pay for a discounted upgrade if available, if a hotel can’t sell a room at full price then it seems crazy that they wouldn’t accept any additional income. Maid’s still have to clean, reception staff still have to check-in – the processes don’t change, just the room allocated but with the additional benefit of extra profit.

“We are not competing with hotels in any way – we don’t sell hotel rooms, we simply encourage those with existing bookings (made direct with the hotel or via an agency/online travel agent), to show their interest in a paid upgrade. We’re giving the hotel market warm customer leads, even if they have their own upgrade programmes, so they can upsell at a rate that suits them and that’s the message I am trying to convey to hotel owners – there is so much easy profit to be made out there.”

For more information or to register a hotel’s interest in becoming a member visit