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Think Global: Celebrating Cultural Influences in UK Hotel Room Design

Diana Szpytma 11 July 2018
Think Global: Celebrating Cultural Influences in UK Hotel Room Design

A hotel should be a top-to-bottom experience for your guests, and one that wholly transports them to another place and promotes relaxation and comfort above all else. An eclectic and truly effective way to do this is to take inspiration from different cultures across the world to give each room a unique theme.

Embarking on an ambitious room-theming project can seem daunting, but with this rundown of different styles and how to sensitively incorporate these iconic design themes, you’ll be well on your way to making an internationally-inspired hotel room selection a reality.

Think rustic

Red wine, rolling hills and iconic rural homes. Epitomising a relaxed French countryside vibe in your hotel is easily achieved using a few simple additions. If you have any original features such as dry stone walls or beams, leave them exposed for a rustic feel – just make sure the room is well insulated after you’ve completed this.

Combine this with elegant wooden furniture and chic cabinets painted in pastel shades and your rustic room is complete.

Mediterranean moods

Nothing epitomises relaxation more than Mediterranean culture, and a hotel suite can easily be re-fitted to create a look that echoes this. Thinking about your colour palette first and foremost – burnt orange and aqua hues are a solid choice, with the subtle interplay between these colours evoking hot sand and crashing waves.

Deciding how to use these colours is another matter entirely, and one that requires careful consideration. Terracotta tiles, combined with aqua blue accented wallpaper, will help you to achieve the Mediterranean look in an authentic and understated way. Subtlety is key in hotel room design, as the room’s design should reflect its functionality – to help people relax – so a riotous colour scheme won’t help in this regard.

If your room has an outdoor space such as a balcony, make sure it’s seen as a focal point, either by removing heavy curtains around the door or adding some small-scale wrought iron furniture to the balcony itself – inviting your guests to enjoy the al fresco side of life, no matter what the view is like!

Far East flavour

Adding a splash of Far Eastern design to a hotel room is arguably the most daunting design challenge you could try – because nailing down an authentic style can be very difficult indeed.

Designing a Japanese style room, for example, is all about functionality and placing furniture at a different height to a western-style room. A low bed frame, paired with Japanese style artworks that evoke the work of Hokusai, along some strategically placed bamboo plants, can transform the whole feel of a room.

However, for a true homage to the Japanese experience, consider trying to base your room’s experience on a ryokan – a traditional Japanese inn focused on relaxation and wellness. Invest in tatami mats and futon bedding, and you could even provide yukata robes if you’re going all out.

Taking on a room design rebrand can be an arduous process, but using these simple tips alongside your own creativity should see you through to making your hotel a premium destination for guests of all tastes. And with so many beautiful, diverse and vibrant cultures across the globe to celebrate, drawing inspiration is the easy part.

Author bio:

Suhayl Laher works at Tiles Direct, one of the UK’s largest independent tile distributors and retailers – bringing design inspiration to homeowners, architects and developers.