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Transform Your Guest Experience With Your Own Branded App

Bonnie Howard 12 February 2019
Transform Your Guest Experience With Your Own Branded App

There’s probably no other industry that relies on customer satisfaction as much as the hospitality industry. Many aspects of the guest experience are timeless, as guests always look for a comfortable bed, a good shower, a clean room and a good internet connection. However, in the digital age, as technology and digital communication continue to advance, the landscape of guest-facing technology has changed.

Hotel technology now plays a pivotal role in enhancing the guest experience, increasing revenues and attracting, engaging and retaining guests. While a few hotels might continue to invest in expensive in-room technology and other tech gadgets, the majority of them are realising the potential of the one piece of technology that really matters to their guests: their smartphone.

Today almost nine out of ten adults in the UK own a smartphone and look at it on average every 12 minutes. Mobile represents a huge opportunity for the hospitality sector and the opportunities for hoteliers to engage with their guests through their own branded app are extensive.

Criton is the UK’s first intuitive app builder for the hospitality sector enabling hotels to digitise their guest directory. Guests can simply download the app to their phone to make direct bookings, communicate with the hotel staff, order in-room services, discover the best places to visit and much more. With their own branded app, hoteliers don’t have to invest a fortune in hardware, such as in-room tablets, and instead can focus on promoting their brand and services, sending push notifications with offers, increasing F&B income, encouraging repeat bookings, feedback and positive reviews.

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