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TripAdvisor Launches Site to Showcase Eco-Friendly Hotels

Sarah-Jane Lampe 17 March 2014

Travel review website, TripAdvisor has extended its GreenLeaders programme into Europe and has announced it is now accepting free applications from hotels in the UK.

Developed in consultation with the Carbon Trust, the UK Green Building Council, the United Nations Environment Programme, and the International Tourism Partnership, the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders programme aims to help travellers around the world plan greener trips by highlighting accommodation businesses engaging in environmentally-friendly practices.

The programme, which up until now was offered only in the U.S., awards qualifying hotels and B&Bs with TripAdvisor GreenLeader status, based on the green practices the property has in place – with properties tiered between bronze, silver, gold or platinum awards. Each award will be shown prominently on the property’s listing on TripAdvisor.

For the first time, hotels and B&Bs in 19 markets, including UK and Ireland, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, are able to apply for TripAdvisor GreenLeaders status, to add to those in the U.S. that were already able to apply.

“With so many travellers placing an importance on the eco-friendly practices of the places they visit, accommodation owners stand to gain a real competitive edge by promoting their environmentally friendly practices,” said Jenny Rushmore, director of responsible travel at TripAdvisor. “Our TripAdvisor GreenLeaders programme will enable businesses managing their environmental footprint to highlight their commitment to millions of travellers around the world, at no expense to their business.”

Eligible businesses can apply by going to Each application will then be assessed against a holistic set of environmental criteria – including practices ranging from linen and towel re-use, recycling and composting through to solar panels, electric car charging stations and green roofing. The more green practices a hotel or B&B has in place, the higher the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders level it can achieve.

Hotels that meet the programme’s required green practices, but do not achieve the minimum score necessary to earn a TripAdvisor GreenLeaders award, will instead be eligible for GreenPartner status.

A number of hotel chains have already agreed to participate in the programme, including Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide, Red Carnation Hotels and Macdonald Hotels.

“Nearly half of our global hotel portfolio has GreenLeader status through the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders programme,” said Denise Naguib, vice president, sustainability and supplier diversity for Marriott International. “Travellers want to be ‘green’ and contribute to the conservation and preservation of the environment. This tool will help them easily plan and book their next eco-friendly trip.”