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Freshdrip: Innovative Filter Coffee Technology Changing The Hotel Guest Experience

JodyP 12 March 2020
Freshdrip: Innovative Filter Coffee Technology Changing The Hotel Guest Experience

Hotel room coffee very often lacks excitement. A simple Google search reveals a myriad of
articles that shine existing in-room coffee solutions in a negative light, highlighting the lack
of flavour, unhygienic coffee makers and the absence of any kind of experience.
While capsule machines have become the norm across most hotel categories, one can still
find instant coffee at some boutique hotel brands. Only a handful of forward-thinking
brands have gone all out and added locally roasted filter coffee options to their rooms.
Lack of interest or awareness from hotel management, limited budgets or global
contracts often leave coffee-lovers with sub-par offerings and consequently encourage
them to leave the venue in search for better coffee experiences.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. Introducing Freshdrip.

What is Freshdrip?

Freshdrip is a ready-to-brew single-serve coffee dripper that uses Japanese design and
technology to offer an innovative, unique and experiential way to make fresh filter coffee
on the go, at home, at work or in hotel rooms.
Freshdrip filters contain 10g of carefully roasted and precision-ground single-origin
coffees and come in three strength levels: full, medium and decaf.
Its intricate and innovative design transforms the in-room experience offered to guests,
while offering world-class, barista-quality filter coffee brewed in under three minutes.
With Freshdrip, all you need to brew a fresh cup of coffee is hot water and mug.

How Freshdrip is making an impact in hospitality.
After its initial introduction in 2017 and a strong focus on the retail sector, the Freshdrip
team discovered a huge gap in the hospitality market and began offering its range of
coffee products to leading hotels as a fresh and exciting alternative to existing in-room
coffee solutions.
A trial at The Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam delivered astonishing results.
“Before we had Freshdrip in the rooms, no one ever mentioned the in-room coffee in a
review or social media post,” explained Lisa Devlin, Head of Housekeeping.
“When we replaced our previous solution with Freshdrip, Tripadvisor and Instagram were
suddenly full of beautiful posts and great reviews.
It helped us to create consistency between our barista-made coffee downstairs and the inroom
coffee experience while keeping guests in the building for longer and spending
Freshdrip can be rolled out completely hassle-free as it only requires a hot water source
and nice mugs. Housekeeping also benefits because Freshdrip offers filter coffee without
the need to clean and replace French presses and other filter methods.
It can be offered as the only in-room coffee experience, alongside existing mini espresso
machines or even sold from hotel pantries.
Freshdrip takes up little space and its packaging can be easily recycled with general hotel
Lotte Holterman of award-winning Amsterdam hotel brand SWEETS Hotel said of their
decision to source Freshdrip for their converted bridge house hotel rooms:
“With bridge houses as tiny as 10,5m2, Freshdrip allows us to provide our guests with
high-quality coffee without having to place space-occupying coffee machines. Freshdrip is
a wonderful addition to SWEETS hotel’s homely experience, offering our guests with a real
coffee ritual moment in the morning.”
Freshdrip perfectly fits into fast-changing trends around ‘snackification’ and ‘individualism’.
The modern hotel guest expects high-quality products that allow for spontaneous
consumption and offer convenience, quality ingredients and the unexpected.