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Turn Hotel Room Coffee From Basic Into Brilliant

JodyP 12 March 2020
Turn Hotel Room Coffee From Basic Into Brilliant

Introducing Freshdrip 2.0, the next generation of innovative and convenient ready-to-brew drip coffee filters that were first successfully launched in 2017. Marking the coffee industry’s first real innovation in years, Freshdrip combines ingenious Japanese design and next-level German manufacturing to create a unique coffee product that allows anyone to brew a fresh cup of filter coffee anywhere. All that’s needed is some Freshdrip, hot water and a mug.

Despite a recent surge in specialty coffee bars, artisan roasters and an increased choice in products such as cold brew coffee, oat milk lattes and single-origin capsules, coffee aficionados with a preference for delicious filter coffee are still too often left reeling at the lack of available and accessible options. But things don’t have to be this way.

Freshdrip cleverly merges the convenience of instant coffee with the quality and ritual of freshly-brewed pour-over coffee into a pocket-sized sachet. So far, it has delighted thousands of early-adopters all over the world. In particular, it has helped to transform the in-room coffee experience at some pioneering hotels such as The Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam or Jewel Hotel Prague into a positive and surprising element in an industry where coffee is still too often just an afterthought.

“Before we had Freshdrip in the rooms, no one ever mentioned the in-room coffee in a review or social media post.  When we replaced our previous solution with Freshdrip, Tripadvisor and Instagram were suddenly full of beautiful posts and great reviews.  It helped us create consistency between our barista-made coffee downstairs and the in-room coffee experience while keeping guests in the building for longer,” said Lisa Devlin, Head Housekeeper at The Hoxton Hotel.

Also, it has graced the shelves at prolific retailers such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols, enchanted camping and outdoor-lovers, saved business and weekend travellers from bad coffee moments and offered as a special treat at the Google offices in Amsterdam. A strong track record for an independently owned startup.

“Yet, what we noticed was that our packaging didn’t sufficiently communicate the innovation and added-value of our product to a wider audience and that our range of coffees was not universally accessible. That is why, at the start of 2019, we went back to the drawing board to go over all the invaluable feedback we had been collecting and develop a new range that would truly turn Freshdrip into a mass-friendly brand,” explained Freshdrip founder Alex Kitain.

Coffee is, after all, one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world and available virtually everywhere. It brings people together, gets them up in the mornings and keeps them going during the day. Therefore, every cup of coffee should be excellent, which is why Freshdrip offers 100% convenience, 100% quality and 0% compromise.  Every Freshdrip contains 10g of expertly-roasted and precision-ground single origin coffee and is individually wrapped in easy-to-recycle materials that preserve flavour and freshness for up to two years.

The new range comes in bright and colourful packaging with strong visual cues that explain the benefits of the product while offering a delicious choice of coffees that are arranged by strength level rather than taste profiles. Now, there is truly something for everyone.

The young company is more eager than ever to continue on its mission to create an exciting new category in the coffee market and delight coffees lovers from all walks of life with its smart filters. Are you ready to drip, drip and sip some awesome coffee? Freshdrip certainly is.

About Freshdrip:
Freshdrip comes in three variants with a fourth, organic-certified, variant in the making. The recommended retail price for a single sachet is €1,49 and for a box with seven sachets €6,99.

The current range includes:
Colombia full-strength: A bold cup of coffee with a full body and a low acidity Ethiopia medium-strength: A vibrant coffee with a slightly fruity flavour and a mild acidity Ethiopia decaf: A punchy coffee the offers lots of flavour without any caffeine  Freshdrip can be purchased at a range of different retailers, found in the minibars at a growing number of high-end hotels and ordered online at Shipping to customers in The Netherlands costs €5,95. To European customers, it’s €7,95, and to customers in other parts of the world, it’s €14,95. All orders are shipped from The Netherlands with tracked delivery every other day.

About the founder:
Alex Kitain has been a prominent figure in the specialty coffee world for over seven years. He first founded his highly-regarded and widely-read coffee blog The Coffeevine that later also become a bespoke coffee subscription service helping hundreds of coffee lovers all over the world to discover the freshest and most delicious coffees from exciting roasters.

He’s written many articles for the likes of Standart Magazine, Drift, The Carton, Caffeine Magazine and co-written books for Lonely Planet and Victionary. He’s currently writing his first solo book and continues to roam the planet in search of unique experiences and adventures.

Always with him are his camera, his laptop, a good selection of books and, of course, lots of Freshdrips.