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UK Holidaymakers Travel Priorities Revealed

Sarah-Jane Lampe 10 February 2014

Research released by e-commerce partner, Webloyalty has revealed what British holidaymakers look for when booking travel and accommodation. Although a rise in consumer spending is expected this year as the economy improves, price still remains the most important consideration when booking both hotels and flights, suggesting that Britons are still doing everything they can to make sure they get maximum for their money.

The report conducted by researchers, Conlumino found hotels within close proximity to attractions was the second most important factor after price. The research also found that when selecting hotels, holidaymakers place greater weight on reviews from past guests than they do on the official star rating of the hotel, which was ranked the least important consideration.

This could be a sign that power has shifted from industry to the consumer when it comes to judging standards and value for money, which suggests that hotels need to invest as much as possible in a positive digital presence and in online relationships with guests.

However, even though price was the first consideration for so many consumers and despite apparent disregard for star ratings, a stay in a five-star luxury hotel was nonetheless in the top two choices among respondents for a dream holiday if money were no object.

“Despite this year looking more positive for consumer spending, it is still the economical travel and accommodation options that are coming out winning for British holidaymakers,” commented Guy Chiswick, managing director of Webloyalty Northern Europe. “Savings are clearly still of great importance – nonetheless, it is interesting that five-star luxury standards in hotels are what constitute the dream holiday for many.

“The importance of user reviews and recommendations are of paramount importance to those in the travel industry, and therefore building rapport with guests and customers and building online spaces where they can share positive experiences will be of immeasurable value to businesses,” he added.