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Upgrade Your Hotel For Free With Genius Smart Controls

Leanne Donovan 31 August 2017
Upgrade Your Hotel For Free With Genius Smart Controls

Every hotel would love to improve its building to offer a better guest experience, but most building upgrades require significant investment and disruption to guests. But what if I tell you there’s an opportunity to improve your guest’s stay without costing a penny?

Energy efficiency upgrades often pay back for themselves, but usually over a long period and without necessarily improving the guest experience. Measures such as wall insulation, heat pumps and renewable energy are all worthwhile if you have the capital to undertake them. Don’t expect a fast payback, though – these are investments that pay off in decades rather than years.

Heating controls are an unusual exception to this rule. While large hotels have complex Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) to manage their building’s energy usage, many smaller hotels simply heat every room, all the time. There’s a simple reason for this wasteful behaviour: staff often forget to adjust heating controls, so it’s safer to leave radiators turned on rather than risk freezing guests!

Genius Hub solves this problem. Radiators can be controlled directly from reception, so that an appropriate number of rooms can be kept warm to match demand. If a guest is ever accidentally given a room that’s been switched off, a motion detector in the room automatically activates the heating, so there’s never a risk of cold guests. Unless a guest temporarily overrides the temperature using the simple controls on the radiator, the temperature follows a pre-set schedule. This allows temperatures to be reduced at night, allowing a better night’s sleep.

Genius Hub is now available on a “Pay As You Save” basis, removing the upfront cost and instead using part of the money you will save on energy costs to pay for the equipment over a few years. After that, the savings are yours!

This is an excellent way to improve your guest experience, make your hotel ‘greener’ and reduce future energy costs, all without any upfront cost.

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