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Using Virtual Reality To Enhance The Guest Journey

Leanne Donovan 12 January 2018
Using Virtual Reality To Enhance The Guest Journey

Today’s traveller, especially the younger generation, is more discerning than ever before. With an overwhelming choice of hotels and digital disruptors like Airbnb, hotels have to work twice as hard to find new ways of enhancing the guest journey and making their destination more appealing to travellers.

The key to success, as in any business, is to be one step ahead at all times. Hoteliers therefore need to embrace new technologies and use the most innovative tools to market their business and create excitement.

Digitally savvy hotel chains are already dipping a toe in the water and using immersive technologies such as virtual reality and 3D to give prospective guests a taste of what they can experience if they book a stay at one of their hotels. They understand that between booking the hotel and the date of arrival, guests can sometimes feel apprehensive and ask themselves if they made the right choice. This is where virtual reality can take the spotlight, reassuring them of their choice.

Virtronix, based in Hertfordshire, is at the forefront of immersive marketing in the UK. The company is already collaborating with hotels, guiding them on how to integrate these technologies into their marketing strategy.

As a recognised Matterport® service provider, Virtronix can capture your business and location, recreating it as a stunning 3D virtual reality model in a matter of hours. Through the use of Mattertags, short, engaging information and videos can also be embedded to provide context or additional detail to key features.

Giving tourists a taste of what they can experience if they book a stay at your hotel will feel more real than ever. Hotels will be able to provide a teaser of the accommodation, the rooms, the location, the beautiful beaches or pool areas, the breath-taking views and anything visually striking that could drive potential guests to book the hotel.

Videos and information embedded into the model would highlight specific aspects, for instance, links to restaurant menus which can updated seasonally or as required; links to TripAdvisor or Google reviews; information about key features such as function rooms and family suites.

Additionally, the use of high-definition 360° 4K panoramic photography on your website or social media pages will encourage customers to like, follow and share these, thereby increasing your business profile.

Virtronix is able to photograph either individual rooms to produce stand alone 360° stills, or, for a more seamless and continuous experience,it can capture multiple rooms and stitch them together. 360° panoramic photography captures your surrounding location inside and out, instead of just one angle, providing a true immersive opportunity.

Alternatively, Civil Aviation Authority qualified and approved aerial drone and videography offers a different perspective, digitally capturing your location in high definition. Whichever route you take, you can rest assured that they can all be easily accessed from a desktop, laptop or hand-held device.

Richard Bannister, CEO and Co-owner of Virtronix commented: “Virtual reality is something that has the power to arouse the imagination and awake the wanderlust in most travellers. The focus of using 3D and VR in the hospitality trade is to ‘match the excitement’ of your customers by providing a platform that quite literally says ‘our doors are open to you from the moment you visit our website’. This has proven to convert online shoppers into guests because it offers transparency – and therefore a connection, immediate access to your establishment like never before and accelerates the booking process.”

Most consumers are highly responsive to visuals and VR provides the perfect way of experiencing destinations, hotels, rooms and views prior to a trip, without the actual commitment. VR is set to become an innovative and exciting new marketing strategy for hoteliers and it can be a way to go the extra mile for guests.