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Welcome to the revolution

Hotel Business 30 January 2017
Welcome to the revolution

A four-star hotel and spa in Suffolk has taken its energy efficiency and customer experiences to a new level by implementing Xeros; a revolutionary washing system that gets towels, robes and linens cleaner than ever before.

Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf and Spa has always been known for its eco friendly initiatives. However, until coming across Xeros, the owners struggled to find a laundry system that provides the dual benefits of being environmentally friendly and delivering superior cleaning.

Steve Miles, housekeeping manager, Stoke by Nayland Hotel Golf and Spa, said: “As soon as I found out the Xeros cleaning system used up to 80% less water and 50% less energy and detergent than conventional machines I was very interested. The Xeros cleaning system leaves my towels and linens looking like new after every wash. Even aromatherapy treatment oils are removed easily from towels used in the spa.”

Xeros represents the first real innovation in the laundry industry in well over half a century. It uses polymer bead technology to provide superior cleaning results when compared with traditional aqueous washers. It offers a gentle way of cleaning towels that ensures aromatherapy oils are banished and linen loss is minimised, helping to keep hotel and spa businesses in the black.

Xeros Industrial Machine 17 January 2014 Image © Paul David Drabble

In-house laundry is becoming an increasingly popular choice for hotel and spa owners thanks to the greater control they offer and any worries about how to operate in-house laundry are banished with the Xeros Sbeadycare programme.

Steve said: “Xeros truly 
is a one-stop shop for our laundry needs. Xeros provides the machine, chemicals, beads and maintenance. If there are ever any issues, an engineer is here instantly. We had to wait days for non-Xeros machines
to be fixed.”

A recent study by Xeros showed that towels are a key emotional touch point for spa guests, with 77% of people saying that when they look for a hotel or spa, they actively search for places that have eco-friendly laundry facilities.

Joe Bazzinotti, president, commercial laundry, at Xeros said: “With the quality of towels clearly such an emotional touchpoint for both hotel and spa guests, and considering how competitive this sector is becoming, leisure operators would be missing a trick if they didn’t focus on delivering cleaner, brighter and fresher linens and towels.

“Whilst traditional washing machines rely on high temperatures and harsh chemicals to get fabrics clean, Xeros’ unique polymer bead cleaning technology achieves a superior result without the harsh impact on the environment – or towels and linens.”