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Winterhalter PT EnergyPlus pass-through dishwasher

Jerome Smail 19 March 2015

Speed PlatesCompany: Winterhalter

Name of product: PT EnergyPlus

Description: Winterhalter’s PT EnergyPlus pass-through is causing a sensation in the dishwashing world, in terms of energy saving, speed and brilliance of wash – it’s easy to use, too. It’s available in three sizes: medium, large and extra large. All have theoretical capacities of over 70 racks per hour, using the short-wash programme.

What are the selling points? The PT EnergyPlus’ energy-saving heat exchange technology extracts energy from wastewater and steam, using it to heat up the incoming cold water supply – reducing overall operating costs by up to 32% when compared with standard rack pass-through dishwashers. VarioPower and a sophisticated filtration system ensure the best possible wash, however delicate or dirty the wash items.

Prices start from: £13,225 (list ex VAT)

Contact: 01908 359000,